How to Get Rid of Cellulite Fast: Natural Ways to Firm Your Body

Published: 05th July 2007
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Everyone is plagued by cellulite, even the super skinny and sleek. Unfortunately, we are unable to control where fat deposits settle on our bodies. Nevertheless, those pesky fat deposits and globs of cottage cheese send us into an endless frenzy to discover the next best quick fix solution to our cellulite and fat pocket woes.

But is there a solution beyond good old fashioned aerobic and anaerobic exercise and nutrition? Is there a miracle in a jar? Or should you throw in the towel, pick up the phone, and contact your nearest cosmetic surgeon for an expensive, invasive, and potentially health hazardous tummy tuck, laser treatment, or liposuction procedure?

Before you throw in the towel or go under the knife...or even purchase some elaborate, synthetic beauty product filled with acids and chemicals, try melting away inches of fat, smoothing fat deposits, and reducing inches by using natural products.

Sea Clay

Sea Clay is extremely effective in removing cellulite deposits and burning fat, but more importantly it has the ability to detoxify the body of impurities and cleanse the skin. In spas and salons, sea clay is often used in body wraps. It is considered a cellulite and water retention miracle. Further, it is an all natural, quick fix slimming solution that can remove sometimes 1-6 inches of body fat in one go around. So why hasn't everyone jumped onto it? Body wraps are expensive and take up hours of time. If you can't shell out the $100+ dollars for a body wrap and would rather not be naked in front of a stranger, you can actually perform your own sea clay body wrap at home with Beauty 4 Ashes Christian Health & Beauty's Home Organix ™Sea Clay & Oolong Tea Body Transformation System. In the system, you get everything you need to perform your own body wrap in the privacy of your home -thermal clay, essential oil packed mixing solutions, and oolong tea-- and you can set how long you keep the wrap on. The system also allows you to mix the sea clay with oolong tea, which research indicates actually burns fat, increase metabolism, reduces wrinkles, and firms the body. It is a good option, works great, and can be used repeatedly. You should be able to get 2-3 uses out of the system. The all natural system will run you about $80.00 and can be found online at wwwdiscoverb4acom.

If you are not up for a home or spa body wrap, there are additional products and treatments, some natural and others not, that available to reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve skin tone, and shave inches. Here's a review of some of the treatments available.

Ionithermie Body Treatments

Ionithermie, available in Britain, is an ideal treatment for those people who have lost weight but still need to tone and firm. The treatment includes a body scrub and pressure point massage; and thermal clay, essential oils and pads, which emit rhythmic electrical pulses. Ionithermie works the areas through the gentle action of a combination of faradic and galvanic stimuli, using the thermal clay and biologically active natural ingredients.

This treatment, it is claimed, promotes inch loss, reduces fat and firms and tones the body. It will run you about $100 for one treatment.

Natural Cellulite Products

Beauty 4 Ashes also makes all natural cellulite products that are reasonably inexpensive and give pretty good results. They are ideal for anyone who simply wants more supple, smooth, toned, and less dimply skin. Their products include lime essential, lemon essential, and fennel essential, clinically researched and effective essential oils that reduce cellulite and firm the skin. Their products also contain many other biologically active and natural skin toning and smoothing ingredients. Their products include a Peanut Butter No Jelly Cellulite Scrub and Peanut Butter No Jelly Cellulite Butter, which many who have used claim tones, smoothes, and firms the skin within a matter of weeks. These are also available online at wwwdiscoverb4acom. You may also be able to purchase them from Ebay.

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